Article 1 Application and payment
1. Formal registration occurs after completing online application and offline application.
2. After completing the online application form and the offline application form, the entrance fee of 100,000 won must be deposited within 3 days. If you do not deposit the entrance fee, the official registration may be canceled.
3. The tuition fee for the course you want must be paid in full at least two weeks before you arrive in the Philippines.

Article 2 Refund Policy
1. Tuition fees are refundable 7 days prior to departure from the Philippines, except for the registration fee and airfare penalty.
2. If you apply for a refund within 25% of the total enrollment period, We will refund 50% of the tuition and dormitory fees from the tuition except one week.
3. If you apply for a refund within 50% of the total enrollment period, We will refund 20% of the tuition and dormitory fees except for one week. In addition, refunds are not available if you request a refund after 50% of the full enrollment period.

Article 3 Language School Accountability Limitations
1. If the services provided by the language school have uncontrollable problems like delays of flight or cancellations. If there is an inevitable situation that causes damage to the customer, the Language School does not take any responsibility.
2. We do not take any responsibility for loss or damage if the actions are done without asking permission from the school.

Article 4 Extension of classes
1. Extension of the course depends on the availability of the teachers and school facilities.
2. The expense of extension of the course is based on the principle that if the student wishes to transfer to the Korean office, the deposit shall be made in Korean won, and in the case of the Philippine office, the payment shall be made in peso.

Article 5 Class and Instructor Change
1.The change of class and lecturer can be done by applying the changing and dropping form which is once a week. If there are two or more students apply for the teacher, they need to play and whoever wins will get the schedule.
2. The result is posted on the bulletin board on the afternoon of the application. The name of the applicant will be drawn from the management of the school and the lesson will be announced on the next day.
3. Classes cannot be changed 2 weeks before the end of the training

Article 6 Temporary Class Change
1. For the temporary immersion of the teacher. The students will get a substitute teacher within a week. If the teacher is not available, the school Management has the right to replace him/her.
2. Management and the teacher are obliged to perform their best duties And the student has the right to request the best supplement of classes with respect to the absence of the lesson.
3. The student is responsible for the deficiency of the reason, mistake, and behavior.

Article 7 Class change by school
1. For classes and programs, the language school reserves the right to change at any time.

Article 8 Public Holidays and Holiday
1. Philippine holidays, national holidays and other holidays shall be governed by the provisions.
Students will be notified about one month before and on the Philippine Special Holiday Day, and all regulations regarding holidays are reserved by the school.
2. If a holiday occurs within two days of the month (from the first day of each month to the end of the month), it is regarded as a school holiday, If the lesson occurs more than two days, the school will be obliged to take supplementary classes from the third day of the holiday.

Article 9 Certificate
1. Students who meet the minimum attendance limit of 75% will receive a certificate.

Article 10 Notice
1. When a problem arises and the school is canceled or refunded, (In the case of minors) will be notified of these problems.

Article 11 Miscellaneous
1. Abolition of the above-mentioned school regulations, non-attendance, fighting between students, You will get a warning at the discretion of the institute
2. For students who have accumulated two or more warnings during the training period, the management can immediately take expulsion actions and other penalties.
3. Students who suffer psychological or financial damage or damage to the school, exclusion may be done and no refund will be made at this time. The institute have the authority to all matters regarding the school regulations and all legal matters and lawsuits.
4. The 4-week-contract of the students and institutes are based on 28 days including holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and Philippine holidays.
5. If the student does not appear in her class after 20 minutes. It is considered an automatic absence and the teacher can leave the cubicle without waiting for the student.
6. If the teacher fails to attend regular classes due to absence or school circumstances, the school is responsible for the replacement of the teacher.
7. A certificate of school attendance is not issued for more than three days of unexcused absences per month (two consecutive absences are considered absent). However, if you have a health problem or a reason, you can get a permit with the Korean manager beforehand (one day before) by submitting a written explanation.
8. Smoking on the fourth floor is only possible at the designated place (lobby on the fourth floor).
9. The student has the right to use all facilities of the school (including the gym, except for the facilities in the school office). For the damages, students are obliged to pay.
10. Change of classes and teachers can be adjusted after the game by consulting the schedule manager once a week.
11. Students are not allowed to disturb classes during class time.
12. The student may ask the staff of the school for consultation at any time about problems with the school or with the teacher in charge.
13. You will be charged for the exchange of textbooks and additional purchases.
14. The office opens at 8 oclock in the morning and closes at 6 oclock in the afternoon
15. If you want to use the gym, please let the manager list your name and use it the next day.
16. In the event of any inconvenience to you, your teacher will be expelled immediately.
17. Students who go to casino will be expelled automatically.
18. Mon-Thu, Sunday Curfew: 12:00 AM
Friday ~ Saturday Curfew: 2:00 AM
-It is confirmed by guard logbook and CCTV.
-If you violate the second time during the course, you will be notified and posted to your home and school in Korea.
-If you violate the third time during your course, you will be expelled for any reason.
19. If a student misses more than 20 hours during the current month, he / she will be warned.
In case of absence for 20 hours next month, expulsion will be imposed. (However, if there is a reason, permission is given by the management) 20. WEEKLY test and LEVEL tests are required.
21. In the event of expulsion from the above, no refund will be made for the school and dormitory fees and a deposit of 3,000 pesos.
22. During the student's contractual training period, the school will not allow students to hold their schedule in a particular period of time. If you want to return to the institute again, it is regarded as violation of the term of the school contract and refund If it is processed afterwards, it will be rescheduled from the beginning in the form of renewed contract.
1. In case of theft of personal belongings, the institute is not liable, so be careful in managing your belongings.

2. Personal necessities such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, tissue paper are not provided by the management.

3. Put the laundry in a laundry basket in each room. As a rule, the room is cleaned three times a week.

4. Seat covers and blankets will be replaced once in 4 weeks.

5. Electricity charges used in each dormitory room are collected and notified to students by the electric meter installed in each room every month. items causing fire. (eg. gas burners, candles, matches, lighters, cigarettes, etc.)

6. The scope of sanctions stated above is totally monetary and expulsion.

7. For the comfortable environment of the dormitory and health of the roommate, smoking is permitted only at the designated place. If you are caught smoking in a dormitory, classroom, or other non-smoking area, you will have to pay a fine of 500pesos.

8. Drinking is not allowed in the dormitory. If you break the rule three times, you will be expelled from the school. And if you cause any damage to others, we will notify your parents and you are subject for expulsion.

9. Accepting guests is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Please note that guests cannot enter the room. If you visit a friend, please ask permission in advance for your safety.

10. Classes with any teachers in the dormitory. are prohibited.

11. Dormitory time must be followed accordingly (Open until midnight from Sundays to Thursdays and until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and the night before holidays)

12. Silence must be observed in the dormitory from 10AM to 7AM the next day.

13. Please refrain from abusive behavior in the dormitory.

14. If you lose your room key, you will be fined 100 pesos.Do not damage the dormitory facilities. To protect dormitory facilities, you have to pay 3,000 pesos (about KRW 60,000), which you can only get back on the day of departure if there is no problem with the facilities. However, if there is any damage to the facility, please deduct the cost of the damage from the money deposited.

The language school reserves the right to change prices for language programs that can not be controlled by exchange rates, tax increases, or other government legal provisions.
There are no classes during public holidays, and some of the school facilities are also unavailable.
If a student has a conflict with the school staff, he/she can express his/her problem to the director by providing feedback